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"These are some of the tasty Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Knights and _prompt bookmarks Merlin Kink Meme has saved on Delicious."

Haha lol. Also, fyi, I am sightly obsessed with Merlin, but am not british and have a video game to finish, so am trying to wean myself off it. IT'S NOT WORKING.

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Holy shit. Even with the overwhelming polls, somewhere in my heart I don't think I actually thought it would happen. Ever, in my lifetime even, and I'm young. Damn! Dude, we have a biracial president! This is crazy. I might cry. This is awesome. Full of Awe. Score. Win. Love Love Love Love Love. Love Love. God, so much love in my heart. 'Yes we can,' indeed. I really hope no one offs him. God. Maybe life will get better, after all.

House rant

Again, I'm assuming no one reads my journal, so I'm not bothering with an lj-cut. Basically, my RL friends aren't House or slash fans, and don't appreciate my ranting. However, I personally find ranting cathartic, and it's the internetz, fools, I do what I want.

Anyway, House babble:

I've mentioned it before, but I like 13. Really. I couldn't really stand Cameron, but I really like 13's way of defusing House's barbs by not really playing into them. S'nice, and before this whole 'spiraling depression' thing, she'd been portrayed as a good doctor who was crazy indecisive about everything but her medicine. Also, OW is hot. Therefore, I like 13, and I really really really really like the idea of 13+Foreman, sitting in a tree.

So, I wanted to like this episode, but really, it was kinda meh. Chase was awesome in that scene with Foreman. It was nice to see Wilson again. I liked 13 best when she was being an unrepentant slut, but falling in love with the dying is kinda Cameron's shtick. Also, shame on Cameron for not bringing up the lesbianism when pitching the case to House. I understand it didn't go with the scene progression, but opening up with "I've got 13's girlfriend in the ER," House would've snapped it up if it was just a cold, and Cameron knows that. Either she omitted it because she doesn't want House all into the new fellow's business (which he would've found out anyway, again something she knows, so she just didn't want to see it), or it was a writer's choice to help with the order of the scene. Probably the latter, but I really hope we get to see more of the original cottages.

As for the "If You're Happy, I'm ..." I don't think it's possessiveness on House's part (he did let Wilson get married twice before, remember, and was the one to give Cuddy the ovulation shots) but rather the theme of 'change' has been lifted from the presidential campaign (Aside: I already voted, and therefore don't want to hear anymore. Unfortunately, the 24-hour news doesn't cater to my needs.) and transplanted into House. House doesn't change, hasn't changed for five seasons. He's still the unrepentant asshole know-it-all from S1. (Que rant for how House doesn't have a life, and doesn't do things- he mostly just let's things happen to him and reacts, except for maybe that time he electrocutes himself) Cuddy and Wilson are moving on, changing by getting a hooker-girlfriend or getting a baby because they want their lives to be more fulfilling, or to accomplish something more. Which is very human, but House is brilliant with a steady income and good job and all his toys (people) in one place, and his leg hurts. Anything more he wants has to contend with the pain, and yeah, he uses it as an excuse, but frankly he's not depressed or angry at his life. It's probably more than he hoped for as a boy used to getting shit for his antics and basically expected to be military after growing up hating it. He likes Cuddy and Wilson. He wants them to be happy. But he's an unrepentant selfish asshole, and he doesn't want them to be happy (-ier, because it's not like they're crying themselves to sleep) at the expense of his time and welfare. Also, change for him usually means (or at least is equated to) pain. So yeah, "If you're happy, I'm going to understand why you're doing this, but at the same time I don't really get it."

Quick bit, House POV:

Eventually, Wilson will lose his boyish good looks, his check will be alimonied-up to minuscule pennies, he’ll drop his need to propagate, he’ll stop dating. Cuddy figured it out, eventually, so will Wilson, and they’ll all take the new kids to watch experimental surgery and have cocktails on the hospital’s dime.

I'm sick

When we were young, we'd drink our coffee on cold days by inhaling the steam. It was so good to just feel the drink settle on my lungs. And then I got pneumonia, and I stopped doing that. But I'm sick now, and every time I breathe in, it feels like breathing in that coffee, or aerated pixie-stix, or something I probably shouldn't be inhaling. Gah.

With that in mind, I wanted to pass along to the void an essay by an oncologist for the NY Times entitled 'Healthy right up to the day you're not.' which discusses long-term vs. short-term health. Pretty interesting stuff.
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Is the debate over yet? The media hyped me up for laughs and gaffes. This is boring. Biden is Biden, which means he says a sentence in a paragraph. Palin isn't screwing up, but she's boring too, and she strays all over the place. They both lost. The moderator's nice though.
Bonnie and Clyde

Yo vivo.

Hi hi! This is me with a few hours downtime and not burned out. This hasn't happened in weeks. I've cut the long stuff.

I was able to catch some House. They promised me clinic hours this season, and I haven't seen them yet. Also, I want O'Shea/House fic. Hopefully (and I know this hope is in vain) he wasn't a one-off character.

If I can continue in this downtime-not-stress-time, I'd like to do or find a fic in which Crandall comes back to town, being his exasperatingly adorable self and trying to 'pay House back' by being a good friend. He and Wilson didn't interact much that I can remember, so he's not aware of all the drama-drama going down, and he's just friendly, and he already knows what to expect from House. He's picked up a journalism job in Jersey somewhere, and House goes over to mooch family dinners and mock/help his daughter's homework. Meanwhile, Wilson's realizing how much he misses House. It follows the last episode, with Crandall taking the place of O'Shea and some of the PI. Or something. All my attempts at Housefic are terrible, and I like side characters too much. Also, I procrastinate. I would actually love it more if someone else wrote it and I got to read it. I'm good at reading.

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Last night I got caught in the rain. Honestly, it wasn't raining when I left, and it stopped only a few minutes after I got home. It was Way Fun. Personally, I can't stand standing water (I don't go into pools, don't bathe, really hate handwashing dishes, for example) but in the rain, 9:30pm with the car headlights driving by and my umbrella and walking through the huge currents as the rainwater gushed to the drains was funsies.

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Fanfic: Time Expansion - Organizational post

I'm postdating this a day. This is the organization post for my 7-cross-8 fanfic that I started forever ago but just finished last week. Hopefully, this will be the turning of a new leaf of finishing things I start, but I doubt it. 'Specially now that I finally got cable.

I'm sort of pre-posting this here to check formatting and such before sticking at my ficwad account. I'll probably make changes to the pages within the next few days, and I'm openly soliciting suggestions from others.

Things I'd really like Dear Void's opinion on.
  • Title
  • Squall's POV section in chapter 2
  • Un-warranted tense changes (I have a tendency to miss those)
  • Names of in-game places and people that I didn't bother to look up (It's 'Dio', right? And Centra?)

  • Also, I think I made up Dio's character. Suggestions are gold
  • Do I need the POV changes in the chapter title? I think it's obvious, but I was doing it for organization's sake, as I was shuffling things
  • How to beat Pantera Cantus in TWEWY

(Tentative) Title: Time Expansion
Rating: 'G', warning for light swearing, Gen., no pairings aside from mentions of Squall/Rinoa, Cloud/Tifa&Aeris although not together but that would be awesome.
Disclaimer: I own all the FF games, but not the rights to such.
Summary:Sorry to break it to you, Chickenwuss, but I don’t think we’re in Galbadia anymore. The mercenaries of Time Compressed Final Fantasy VIII fall into the war-ravaged land of post-Meteor, pre-Advent Children Final Fantasy VII, and just want to go Home.

Prologue: Rinoa. Chapter 1: Zell, Seifer, Irvine, Selphie.
Interlude: Seifer. Chapter 2: Quistis, Squall.
Chapter 3: Zell, Rinoa, Selphie.
Chapter 4: Cloud. Epilogue: Squall.